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Tracing the past

Tracing roots of the past, going down memory lane and bringing alive the commencement of this great institution, could be a mammoth task. Yet, unravelling the beautiful past of this establishment is a delight. An institution is a concrete form of a dream, which someone cherishes for a longer span of time, accumulating required things with the help of time-based devices, replete with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative fanaticism. This happened with Lucknow Public School as well. Education is the school of life and life is a multifaceted glass; this is perceptible through LPS campuses.

The man who envisioned this abode of learning - SP Singh - is an educationist with a huge vision and bigger dreams. In the nineteen eighties, Jail Road in Anand Nagar area of Lucknow, was considered a place where common people resided. To travel back in time to 198os, the visionary learner cum academician, SP Singh, devised a plan to build an educational institution after reading pulse of the public and chose the Anand Nagar area. Originally a seasoned science teacher (Botany), he made a congenial group of few teachers in order to realise his dream. He envisaged an exclusive school that could cater to the needs of the region.


Guardians seeking quality education had limited options back then. SP Singh took the initiative to widen the canvas of quality education, experimenting with novelties. He was in quest of probabilities, opportunities, options and rapid expansion of quality education. The locality of Anand Nagar was inhabited by all sorts of people employed in various sectors. The adjoining railway colony was a distinct vicinity looking for a standard institution. The populace needed an abode of learning that could groom children according to the need of time. Singh was very clear in his vision and his friends came together to propel his dream, making his vision their mission. Thus was born the LPS saga, which is a memorable and encouraging journey for all those associated with this institution.

SP Singh laid the foundation of Lucknow Public School in a rented house and started running classes from Prep to Class VIII in 1983. The strength reached up to 500 and by 1987, nearly 1,500 students were already enrolled. Residential Scholarships were offered to children whose parents belonged to low income group and could not afford education on their own. The team that Singh steered was a wise team of firm resolution, dedication, integrity and unbiased coordination. Hence the abstract became the concrete. Singh's thoughts started grooming the desirable shape of Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges, fulfilling the adequate demand for education, touching sensitive pulse and palpitation of times... a domain of learning and rendezvous of scholarly minds was already underway.

He liberalised the atmosphere that created a different environment and won hearts of every individual of the team, which still remains the spine of the institution. When SP Singh dreamt of launching an unparalleled school, he did not have enough means to start with; after all, the salary he was drawing as a science teacher was meagre, so he ended up borrowing money from close friends. It was undoubtedly a colossal risk for a would-be school, whose future could be forecast by none. The sapling of real education was sown and it soon began to grow. Moving about in his modest Vespa scooter bought in 1985, Singh steered the wheels of education to the best of his ability.


He could see his vision taking shape and nine years later, he was what could best define him, as the visionary who saw beyond time and set up the edifice of education with the most competent team of luminaires in Asha Singh, Saroj Katiyar, RPS Rathore, Suchitra Chakravarty, Neelam Singh and Meena Tewari, while commanding the squad with utmost precision himself. The team took upon themselves to carry forth his mission with zeal and got down to accomplish the dream of their leader; the same is visible even today. Suchitra Chakravarty the English teacher, was a combination of effective parlance and eloquence. Her flair for writing and teaching skills have been a real source of inspiration for several students and teachers. A real editor, a true teacher, a sincere guide and a worthy well-wisher of students' future and also of the institution, she holds a key post as chief inspectress, enhancing and evaluating English Language and Literature at LPS. A lady of English Language, Suchitra, with utter sincerity, polished her students in such a way that they still give her credit for their grooming.

A zeal to excel in every field is what Neelam Singh is all about. She joined the institution as a teacher of English and Social Science and later graduated to become a vice-principal and member of the inspection department. Owing to her efficiency and quality of leadership, she now shoulders the responsibility of a principal at LPS, Sitapur branch. Saroj Katiyar, a quiet and determined lady with a subtle sense of humour was a strong member of the group. From a teacher of Geography to inspectress of the same subject, she graduated to become the principal of LPS, Madhoganj, Hardoi and managed to bring the branch at par with branches in Lucknow.


Meena Tewari, vivacious and lively, has always focussed on the pre-primary and primary students and therefore relentlessly worked and is still working for their betterment. With the little ones, she herself becomes one of them. With vast experience on her side, she is able to assess the behaviour of beginners easily and thus bonds with them immediately.

A stocky well-built man, RPS Rathore was popular among the staff and students for his sense of humour, cordial behaviour and pedagogy. An expert in Mathematics, he made this difficult subject interesting and easy for the students so much that they craved to attend his class. It's unfortunate that such a man met an untimely end. These luminaires were typically self-motivated and dynamic, taking care of different activities at different times, conducting examinations, parent-teacher meetings, educational trips and excursions, fetes, seminars and annual fests. They ensured delivery of amazing results and qualitative grooming of children. At the same time they kept sharpening their work-skills and ability to connect with children and parents, unleashing their entrepreneurial potential. No doubt the bond between them was incredible and it still exists. SP Singh amazingly connected with every individual coming in contact with LPS, making teams and taking initiatives in promoting them from time to time. Being cordial and accessible to everyone, he made the working atmosphere congenial and amicable. Sometimes he would enjoy cooking for the team on some leisurely occasion. It was the time when the salary structure was meagre, though enough in those times. In the beginning, clerical salaries ranged from 7300 to 7450, and teachers, 7650 to 7850. Even the principal earned just about 71000; a quantum leap looking at what principals now get!

It has been the general tendency of SP Singh to take care of any entity of the institution who has even fairly been loyal to the LPS brigade. He leaves no chance for insincerity to come up. He dislikes it as much as he loves truthfulness for the quality and esteem of LPS. Asha Singh is one of those team members, who has been committed in giving LPS a strong foundation, creating an ambience of worldly knowledge and quality enhancement for the benefit of children. The lady has had a close affinity with LPS since 1985. For a couple of years, she went to Sheffield, UK in March 1989 and from there to Boston to learn some extraordinary teaching techniques. After returning from US she was offered the principalship due to her panoramic outlook for globally acknowledged education system. The team became stronger than before. Since Asha Singh's second innings, she has been the face of quality education at LPS.


Teachers who joined hands in SP Singh's vision were Asha Singh, Meena Tiwari, Suchitra Chakravarty, Neelam Singh, Saroj Katiyar and RPS Rathore. They were all very clear about their responsibility towards the institution. They are still associated with the establishment as LPS strides towards growth. Asha Singh as deputy director LPS-cum-principal, A-Block, Rajajipuram Campus; Meena Tiwari as headmistress of primary building, Anand Nagar Campus; Suchitra Chakravarty as chief inspectress; Neelam Singh, as principal LPS Sitapur Campus; Saroj Katiyar as principal LPS, Madhoganj, Hardoi, are all visionary teachers, leading the present generation in the most suitable way.

LPS has been drawing the attention of gutsy and gritty people all along. Sushil Kumar, who was serving with the Indian Air Force, took voluntary retirement and joined LPS as the director of the group in 2000. Kumar, the staunchest supporter and a sincere charioteer of SP Singh, is well-known for his wonderful monitoring, firm determination, piloting, patrolling and work style. Uncompromising in maintaining rules and regulations, Kumar as the director of the group, leaves no stone unturned in upholding SP Singh's objectives, vision, ideology and work ethics.

Out of the teachers who joined Singh's team then, quite a few are still with him. We can say that this foundation branch, popularly known as its brand name Lucknow Public School (LPS), is now Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges. Singh's spouse, Kanti Singh, who is currently a Member of the Legislative Council, (MLC) UP, joined his mission of spreading qualityeducation in gos. Anything can happen in one's life. The same happened in SP Singh's life as well. The team members, with their unified sentiments, were all charged with a feeling of oneness, which kept making LPS formidable. Following rules, the team went on carrying out their duties and responsibilities and equal participation in quality enhancement. They acted as factors. This team of teachers' fraternity was full of emotional, intellectual, familial, spiritual and psychological bonds. The result was a secure and well-defined school. SP Singh has been liberal enough to adequately incorporate all positive elements and synergy. He realised that it was necessary in a fast developing society in eighties. During formative years of LPS, SP Singh would work laboriously and patiently to achieve desired goals. Working shoulder to shoulder with all, he worked with masons and labourers alike. Such was his dedication and it rightfully propelled the institution to remarkable heights.


Academicians, innovators, researchers, writers, thinkers, practitioners and skilled subject experts, were invited to LPS to give their valuable inputs. As fortune befriends the bold, Singh always remained bold in adapting change with open-heartedness. The team looked for a dynamic and service-oriented work environment. Everyday activities of the school were monitored creating the right environment as top priority. Academic as well as co-curricular activities kept flourishing and the institution stood to attract dignitaries from various dignified fields. Within a couple of years meritorious students began coming to the limelight. The branch got affiliated to UP Board. One student, Abhishek Verma, bagged 15th position in UP Board High School Examination, 1994. Ashish Bhargava topped High School Board examination in 1995. Big dreams, sincere efforts and hard work steered Lucknow Public School towards becoming the brand that it is today. When Lucknow Public School came into being, many private schools were functioning adopting modern trends and techniques in the rapidly changing society, which had already adopted western model of schooling.

It was a time when schools in UP state were ranked on the basis of their place in UP Board High School and Intermediate merit lists. LPS kept on capturing the nerve of society and trends. Quality was constantly being chased and it so happened that LPS figured again in the merit list. In 1997, LPS got the first position again in UP Board merit list. Till date, the institution has topped eight times in UP Board merit lists.

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