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Our Vision and Mission

The prime aim of education at Lucknow Public Schools & Colleges is to unravel the latent talents & hidden creativity of the children by providing world class education to our children with close cooperation of parents and teachers. Since we believe in building up the all-round excellence of the children, both in academics and in co-curricular activities, we provide a congenial and vibrant ambience befitting for the purpose to make teaching and learning process effective and meaningful with the help of the latest teaching aids, English lab, Maths Lab, Science Lab and robotics and smart classes which means that now classroom teaching in our school in not confined only to the chalk and the blackboard. Simultaneously, emphasis is also laid on the interactive approach wherein students are encouraged to sharpen their oratory skills by participating in activities like Debate Competition, Speech Competition, Elocution Competition; for the test of their intelligence & reasoning is the G.K. Quiz; to develop their aesthetic sense in Fine arts, activities like singing, Dance and Drama competition, Art & Collage Competition and to create a social awareness among the children activities like Essay Competition, SUPW etc. are organized. Further to provide more exposure and instil confidence in the students, Inter House, Inter Branch and Inter School Competitions are organized including a variety of sports and games. Since our motto is “Excellence for All, Excellence from All” we are pledged to touch the zenith of excellence in our mission to groom our students to grow into a complete multidimensional personality.

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